“Mental expansion comes from inspiring each other.”

VZW Théatre de la Liberté is a union of artists from different artistical fields who have a prime drive in common: “artistical stem cell research” . We search for expansion on a personal and social level, therefore we take our roles as artists seriously: we are human radio’s receiving the waves from the air and transmitting them. We are actively searching for dynamic rituals and new myths for our times. This is especially tangible -during live moments- in the dynamic nature of form and content.

We operate in the broad field of the Performing Arts including theater, dance, film, music, sound, photography, graphic arts, writing. We bring together artists from these disciplines. Each artist has his own research and initiative and meets other researchers. Our mutual communication -be it with words, be it artistically- leads ideally to chemical reactions which will be shared with an audience when the time is right.

Theatre de la LibertŽ is a place of research. We operate from Belle Vue Creative Brewery in Brussels, Belgium. Our studio “Da Space” is a multifunctional space. Regularily we break out. We also play/film/record/draw/write in fields, cities, forests, old factories,…

Initially we regarded this website merely as a sketchbook to keep track of what we were doing. Now this website has become a stage and a meeting point, a theatre you could say…


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