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road map


beats under my thoughts


says the owl: there’s no title, so…

says the crane: so…

says the owl: no more titles,…

says the crane: untitled?

says the owl: I think so,…


says the owl: and how are you doing?

says the crane: like you said so…

says the owl: you are flying high?

says the crane: don’t you think it’s normal?

says the owl: well , let’s make a vow, never fly  in opposite directions,…

and fly, truly fly, like you think, like you wish,…

says the crane: and… and…  (silence)


says the owl: and where are we going?

says the crane: don’t know,…

says the owl: for how long now?

says the crane: you know what,… let’s go and have some fun,…

yes let’s do that, and… !


(to be continued)


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