(letter to Thomas James)
doing my first steps in recording, foto’s and editing a bit, so it goes slow, but footage is coming (am right no uploading some material, and with a new program trying to figure out how i can edit these things

send you things as soon as I can (slowly )

(in my opinion broadcast was good chaos, very light though,- that was good about it, we didn’t take ourselves too serious, it could as well not have happened, put everywhere paper on the whole museum floor of the big big space, everywhere people walked, I draw their footmarks like prints, – on the same time performers were dancing, making sounds, drew their marks, prints, movements, sounds, as well on these papers, by encircling with pencils the action, (had also some cords hung through the space as antennae’s to get vibrations, so the paper was like a print out of vivid vibrations) now am gathering the material, for next broadcast am trying to decode them, all these abstract structures,… get something out of it- am gonna develop this idea , maybe do a life read of all the printings, like a script (reads a bit like exploded crop circle), gonna make a blog out of it too, to make it more clear , to make the decoding happening, easier,…

on the same hand am working on an idea ‘stilstand/standing still’ (and gone make a facebook for it, ask people to stand still, instead of hurrying through their works, jobs, things, always on the run, gone make little films/short cut movies of me and others while standing still anywhere where you think it’s needed, gonna ask anyone to do the same (also make such little films/ and stand stills, and that anyone can put it put it on the facebook, so this facebook page starts generating it’s own vibration, (generative art)

and there’s that blog ‘telepathic messages’ in which I’m writing thoughts that arise (have the feeling these tree traces are connected with each other, as if one can feed the other;

(oh , yeah, geert suggested me a great book (‘essays about the blurring of art and life’ by Allan Kaprow’ – I just ordered it in the bookshop, so it’s still available, am reading it now, and it’s blowing my ears, would certainly advise to read it, it’s like a mental bomb, to split up the mind, it gives a theoretical framework for what is happening now (has all been happening in the 50’s, 60’s , 70’s, where does it end? )

for next broadcast of 10/03 we are warming up, try to get a contact; (how was your broadcast in swansea going? ) curious!)



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