about what you said: ‘We need SINTAX, SINOPSYS, SIMPLICITY, so the antagonist concepts become one, one in all its complexity and power, or maybe two, or three, but not infinite.

We need to communicate some elements, some questions and some concepts.’


tomorrow I’m gonna blindfold everyone , even the public (like how you did, with your paper blindfolds, am gonna make a lot of them for performers, for spectators )

we are all handicapped, let’s stop pretending we are not.


blindfolding :  a concept ( syntax, synopsis, simplicity)

the blinds: a concept


let’s keep it simple: blinding ourselves, to see clearer,

… the cracks,… it’s all about the cracks,…

through which light shines in,

real light,

to see this light, you got dare to take the risk to turn your face in the other direction (blindfolding)


the blinds maybe see more than the not blinded ones,

they are not blinded by all these lights that clear up the sky,  any more,

can see the darkness, and all the stars behind,…


(everything inverse : to see, blindfold yourself,

blindfold yourself)


b. (blind)

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