What I Heard in the water (After “Test Broadcast” at KaaiTheater)

-While diving into deep cold seas: Identity.


Because I became a “Listener”.

What IS  or what’s NOT Broadcast (Is not acting, is not performing, Is not doing a show IS NOT ENTERTAINMENT)

I think, for Broadcast, is not enough to be part listener/part maker but to some kind of receiver system (were we broadcasting in the garden, while we were broadcasting on streaming? It’s that enough?)

I became I BLINDER, a person who blind people. As well, I started to write quotes, so I spread some characters or languages or text to the environment, to the CONTEXT.

I didn’t like most of what i saw, what I heard, so I became


Armored, but permeable, blind, but listener.-


Like that I stood for one hour, in a chair, while the others, the “WEIRD ORCHESTRA” interacted with me, but not me with them.

The said, my image was too strong, maybe it affect them too much. But is all what about is.


I didn’t realize when we start and when we finished. The environment was completely changed. That’s something really nice to enjoy.

The first time, we woke up and all the web was around.

The second time, I woke up and everything was clean and empty.

There’s some magic in being BLIND.


I also did a Siesta, as well.*


I got a flower, some ear-whispers and a sweet candy smell…

Those are gifts, as the plic plic of the lights.

Going subtile.


*Maybe a Siesta is so needed as a Piñata** is.


**Piñata was the way developed to sacriffy to the group a symbol, to avoid the “bad luck” to our researchers/travellers -Do it Your Self Vodoo-


What about the weird orchestra for a blind auditory?


I was the orchestra, trying to blind people. It didn’t work, but they used as a new state of things and played with it.

I was the auditory, but It didn’t work. I was so present as performer, as maker, stucked in the place, with a rough “I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOU ANYMORE”




We all fight our GHOSTS. But in intimity. Is a domestic activity, not artistic. In Performing arts can happen that many people saves the visit to the “Doctor”. I’m not anybody’s doctor, I don’t want to deal with anyone GHOST. I bring myself aware and worked. I work out, on it. Is not fair enough to get different levels of processed people -but self processed, as the benefits of getting involved in self-process-


Can all we share the same PLAYGROUND?


Digging silence in chaos


It happened, We were there.




Is a huge question, but maybe is so simple as -where and how we start BROADCASTING and some times -(OLD THEATER RULES-) A collective warming up works, or just a common starting point.




I was some sort of public, but what I realize, was that, I’d not enjoy (-Is not about enjoy, but is about to be there) a long term performance with people not TUNNED. Maybe is boring, maybe is NOISY, maybe is not even ART*

As well, as public, I’d not understand what is about, not even the most simple concepts, because maybe they are hidden behind lots of sublimes and remarks -We need SINTAX, SINOPSYS, SIMPLICITY, so the antagonist concepts become one, one in all its complexity and power, or maybe two, or three, but not infinite.

We need to communicate some elements, some questions and some concepts.



*What the hell is ART?-ART is completely old, and overrated, but what we do. -what about un-artists, as Allan Kaprow says)

*What the hell is performer

*What the hell we do

*So many questions, we should try to answer one a year..



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