Prologue at Liquid Modernity. Zygmund Bauman.

Fluids travel easily. They ‘flow’, ‘spill’, ‘run out’, ‘splash’, ‘pour

over’, ‘leak’, ‘flood’, ‘spray’, ‘drip’, ‘seep’, ‘ooze’; unlike solids,

they are not easily stopped – they pass around some obstacles,

dissolve some others and bore or soak their way through others

still. From the meeting with solids they emerge unscathed, while

the solids they have met, if they stay solid, are changed – get moist

or drenched. The extraordinary mobility of fluids is what associates

them with the idea of ‘lightness’ There are liquids which,

cubic inch for cubic inch, are heavier than many solids, but we are

inclined nonetheless to visualize them all as lighter, less ‘weighty’

than everything solid. We associate ‘lightness’ or ‘weightlessness’

with mobility and inconstancy: we know from practice that the

lighter we travel the easier and faster we move.

These are reasons to consider ‘fluidity’ or ‘liquidity’ as fitting

metaphors when we wish to grasp the nature of the present, in

many ways novel, phase in the history of modernity.


One thought on “Prologue at Liquid Modernity. Zygmund Bauman.

  1. Guys, this entire book is already at Dropbox, is a interesting socio-study that tals about lquid love, liquid citys and liquid modern men, as us, forward the “liquid entity”!!

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