During “there is something about silence” , i’ll like to test:

Do we need a ritual, a “voodoo” act, an awareness charm, a special device in each live session who can open a hole throughout the singularity (my-our research) a stormbringer artifact, to be the the lightnings riders, the thunders keepers…?


People Is Needed (of) Actions Through Arts

I -We- nobody will create PIÑATA with some materials, some wishes, and some extra stuff

I -We-nobody will hang PIÑATA for the join of the community, exhalation and shame of the object

I-We-Nobody will kick PIÑATA as ritual in process, in movement

I-We-Nobody will join the PIÑATA’s inside, the organs….

I-We-Nobody will bury PIÑATA, And maybe say some words,

Maybe 5 minutes of silence…



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