and one in two
and three in four
and five in six
and seven in eight
and nine in ten
and eleven in twelve
and thirteen in fourteen
and fifteen in sixteen
and sixteen in seventeen
and seventeen in eighteen
and eighteen in nineteen
and twenty in twenty-one
and twenty-two in twenty-three
and twenty-four in twenty-five
and twenty-six in twenty-seven
and twenty-eight in twenty-nine
and thirty in thirty-one
and thirty- two in thirty-three
and thirty-four in thirty-five
and thirty-six in thirty-seven
and thirty-eight in thirty-nine
and forty in forty-one
and forty- two in forty-three
and forty-four in forty-five
and forty-six in forty-seven
and forty-eight in forty-nine
and fifty in fifty-one
and fifty-two in fifty-three
and fifty-four in fifty-five
and fifty-six in fifty-seven
and fifty-eight in fifty-nine
and sixty-one in sixty-two
and sixty- three in sixty-four
and sixty-five in sixty-six
and sixty-seven in sixty-eight
and sixty-nine in seventy
and seventy-one in seventy-two
and seventy-three in seventy-four
and seventy-five in seventy-six
and seventy-seven in seventy-eight
and seventy-nine in eighty
and eight-one in eighty-two
and eighty-three in eighty-four
and eighty-five in eighty-six
and eighty-seven in eighty-eight
and eighty-nine in ninety
and ninety-one in ninety-two
and ninety-three in ninety-four
and ninety-five in ninety-six
and ninety-seven in ninety-eight
and ninety-nine in hundred!

                                                         Bart De Wildeman

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