Ai Weiwei with Rockstar Zuoxiao Zuzhou


Here’s a picture of artist Ai Weiwei and his friend Zuzhou in the elevator when taken in custody by the police in Sichuan, China, August 2009.

Why do I like this photo?

1. From harsh reality Ai Weiwei distilled with very simple means this picture.

2. There was no intention or preconceived thought that led to this picture.

3. It’s a very simple and raw picture, but uplifted by “coincidence” (see 5).

4.. The artist merely followed his instinct, acting on the spot with immediacy and urgency.

5.While you know the light is merely the flash of his camera or phone, the picture becomes metaphorical or even mythical. The guardian of Light with his companion taken into custody by non-believers: The Law as opposed to the Light. (I don’t know why the police took them, but for the beauty of the picture that’s totally irrelevant).

6. It’s a beautiful, organical composition: colours, perspective with the mirrors, clothes, serious faces,…


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